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11th April 2008

9:05pm: west virginia is pure bullshit. they told me i would get a tuition reimbursment now noboday knows if i can do that because i am already certified. fyi if you have a BS degree in ANYTHING come to teach in wv and you can get a masters in teaching special education, math science.

17th March 2008

6:16pm: terlet
I miss my dog Cujo. He always knew I was cool! Damn! Tht's what i'm talking about.

17th January 2008

6:14pm: lap dance
so i finally got adam a lap dance for bachlor party. you kow what. last sat . somebody got a lapdance hell ya! we went to a place here in wv. pretty fun. bout time.

11th January 2008

9:15pm: girlfriends
i shit today and it was sooo big. it like clogged toilet i plunged itthree times and still di dn't go down i treally annoyed me maybe we can go that weeking we go to spring field cuz springfiend is over two hours away for that exodus show. kkkkl hhahahahahhahah my butt stinks. i don't live pregnant i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: psycho

12th October 2007

10:12pm: i like toast
this relation ship has been an uphill battle and it just gets worse..
ouch, like you know we've been togeher for almost six years... i've gon crazy and adam stayed beside me. ... he was my first love and will be my last love. we have a sweet realtionship. i would never cheat on him.. it treat

9th July 2007

12:41am: problemi can't sleep beic
i can't sleep because i keep farting. it's relaly inapporprite. i cna't sleep this reminds me of that one time i had super bad ear wax and the doctor got it out. i was like 19 but it was cool anyhow. we saw grindhouse and it was soo fun. i loved it for sure. we also saw hot fuzz awhile ago it rocktoo. so i was wondering. i have an extra ticket to marilyn manson slayer? anyone want me to ssend it to them? i don't knwo what i'm going to do with it i might have to sell it while i'm there but i don't know if that'll work. i'm nevrouse about it and a lot of stuff. we r probably moving soon. it's too much to think about. mmmm. i have gas

5th July 2007

9:41am: word
guess who's certified to teach english? i'ts me! sweet huh and it's my dad's birthday and cujo is feelling good. swweet

2nd July 2007

10:37pm: fun
i bougth a squishie today! the 7-11 is fun being kwik-e-mart. i need to find one that sells more. someone is messing in my frikin myspace tha'ts weird. i've been something or someone has my passwords. it's weird why would one want something like that. it's not like there is anything pert in there. it's just junk and garbage. dang. so if anyone sent you something offensive it was no.t from me. so i'm going to the dentist tomarrow. shoubd be real good. i have a cavity. i can see it. glad to get tha fixed yall oh some much. hey woohoo. i'm exicted for simpsons movie. i need to see more product out there though where's the duff and shirts and action figures and fast food toys?

1st July 2007

2:43pm: ASS whoopin
does'nt anyone have a free pool? i need to work out to train for my first real fight but i hurt my little toe and i can't walk my two mile route. plus i've been lazy . when i walk it hurts half my foot is black and blue twhat the f. it's pisisin mje off. so what do you think of my wedding song only you-yaz i think it's realy good. or pavement - we dance might be a bit weird. who cares though i'll probably beat up anyone that doesn't like it. j/k/ i joke around sometimes. i got this ice cream it's real good loaded edy's cookie dough. yeah tha'ts it. i made real banana bread yesterday i'ts good. not even from a box or anything. that rules. i'm going to make some cookies for the fourth of july. i'm pretty ok with sugar cookies. i must make my papa a cake. i bought himk lots of gifts for his bday.l my dad is the coolest person in the world. for real. did'nt u know that. i hope i do move but if i get a job around here i might stay. having summer off is a gift from god. but i deserve it have you ever taught 12 oppositial conduct disorder teenagers. i was real proud i made it a year it was fun sometimes, sometimes hella not good.l my toe hurts. adam has band practice. why!Q cuz he loves bands. good for him. he's cute. his beard is looking good today.

17th June 2007

9:20pm: moving
so after a year of teaching high school in an alternative school. i went to wv and got two job offers in one day. that felt great. i'm taking a preschool job! with the a public school so i get good benefits and such other. we're moving. it's going to be wild.

24th March 2007

7:59am: junk
1. Who was your first prom date?
Aaron my cool friend and we had super fun ! we played scrabble afterwards, highschool is super stupid yet great when ti's over

2. Who was your first roommate?
my sister, she's real mean and used to sleep with he eyes open

3. What was your first alcoholic drink?
well ithink it was some kinda peach wine right before i was to graduate high school. then i got drunk on zima at a freinds grad party that was the first drunkeness bit.

4. What was your first job?
my first job was working on computers in the summer during college. it was fun. and i ddi't have to talk to a lot of people and got to teach kids

5. What was your first car?
oooo my mom's car the turd

6. Who was your first grade teacher?
Ms. Herzing. she was real mean and called me stupid for not doing subtraction right.i'll never for get that crap. never do that to a kid

7. Where did you go on your first ride on airplane?
oo to new orleans for my sis's law school graduation. YEAH!Q

8. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
never did it.

9. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?
crystal was the first i met her in kindergarten we've been freinds since second grade

10. Where was your first sleep over?
probably at crystals when she lived down the street from me

11. Who is the first person you talk to in the morning?

12. Whose wedding were you in the first time?
crystal, i was a brides maid and it was great we had shots of cake all night

13. What is the first thing you do every morning?
say damnit i want to sleepie, fuck the potty

14. What was the first concert you ever went to?
well probaly three dog night at blands park but they'd didn't play eli's comin and my dad was pissed

15. First tattoo or piercing?
never! or not yet

16. First celebrity crush?
hmm. do'nt know. oscar the grouch

17. First crush?
don't know! lemme think. someone in college probably

18. When was your first detention?
oo in middle school when i wrote out a pass to go to the book fair when it wasnl't my period to go

19. First pet's name?
a bassist hound that ruled called biki htat died when i was in first grade

20. First Kiss?
i was about 21 too probaby this kid in college whatsis face, milton was my second kiss

21. Who was the first person to break your heart?
not sure, i never really dated anyone before adam so probably those crushes i had in colege that never liked me back

22. Who will be the first to repost this?
my butt ass
Current Mood: little bit sad

27th February 2007

6:46pm: stupid stupid stupid
i'm a full time teacher now. after this buiness tha'ts nice. kids fight all the time and they are crazy. but ip'm crazy too so i guess that fits. being crazy has it's advantages you don't have to be fucking boring and do things like drink all the time and cuk around. if i want to stick my fist in a glass of water so be it. let me it'll dry.

9th December 2006

4:26am: yeah so what
really who cares i'm sick of everrone being so high and mighty i know you think your better than me and it's ok. i'm trying i live

3rd November 2006

5:10pm: chicken
i've decided to eat chicken again. i figure i efat eggs. it's the same thing dang. it's ok. it was only 4 years. who knows. i got really pissed yesterday cuz i got punched in the face at work. my face hurts no marks though and my glasses are ok. everyone is fine that's all the matter.

27th October 2006

11:53am: i' nervous. i hvae to much to do

23rd October 2006

12:37pm: hey brahs
hallowen party was super fun we were beetle juice and lydia. i'll post lpics i''m looking good. we spray painted adam a suit from the goot well. it stunk up our basement but you knwo what it ain't mine brah. and whas't worse atlease i'm not drinking and smashing bottles down there unline some dudes. they need a hall pass. my boogers are black i feel like i've been int working in the old plant again. i got a job at the mill. not really . hta'ts what my dad used to call his job though. lol! rose is coming home. we r going to have super fun..
Current Mood: none of your business

19th October 2006


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30th September 2006

9:36pm: my butt
is on the cheese my but is on the cheese if you don't watch it i'll get a disease. i really like bonethuggss. i think my wedding song is going to be that veruca salt album that uses that dumbassisity words and we'll probably play the entire red hot chili peppers californication album., i told me mom i wanted only classic rock at the wedding and she's all like what about for the old people and i said waht aoubt. and my sister called and she's all like why is everone talking about the wed it's only next year and i'm all like why not how rude.
5:20pm: whatevea
halloween rules. mmy sister smells. adam smells. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i watched coach carter at work it was such a relaxing day and super ok! i was walking with boys that were so much taller than me i almost had to jog t okeep up. and i was all like i cna't walk that fast. you go ahead so i stayed at teh end of the line. today was better than yesterday. thanks r lookin up. bruce willis is hot. i wish i could go to the halloween doins. that are happinin i prob have to work butl i'm gointg to try my hardest to go. why don'ts aaron email me. i want to visit vancouver. i just had to pay to fix my car though. so i'm getting to be broken. we are also moving to evan city in a cool farm house duplex. IF we get it. so many folks are after it. adam is reading to himself what's on tv. it make sme laugh. sometimes he hums songs and drums when it's silent. it sortga annoys me then he's all like no it's iron maiden. do you ever get wet poop?
Current Mood: amused

29th September 2006

8:12pm: boogle
i got all scratched up and crap from work. lame. they also put me someplase different then i thought i'd be in. super lame. i'm dealing. i've been real tired these days. yet i'm getting better at myself. booty. i'ts almost my birthday. n'at. party on beavis FUNKSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssss

27th September 2006

10:20am: i already logged off
i got my wed dress it's dissimlar to the other one i posted it's cool. it was one that was discontinuted i like discontinuted things. aside from freindships. work is hard. i hope to get a teaching postition where i work. pray for me. i'ts a needed bee. ooo fun weddins
Current Mood: pissed off

11th September 2006

8:10pm: my butt hurts
i bought some new shirts for work. now that i don't have to dress fancy i have some clothes that are too fancy or innappropriate. you kno what i mean. halloween is coiming that's great. i'm going to buy some of those mellow pumpkins. acutally they have them at target with a maybe you might win a gift card. totally bitching. i cna't wait to see if i will win. my dog is doing ok. i hven't reallyseen him. last time he jumped own the stairs as if he want to top himself. scared me. ddooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddeeee. working at night and on weekends really makes me confused i never know what time or day it is. when it's dinner i say lunch cuz i'm at work and everyones all like oooo!. sometimes i dnoo. i still work for the dream. the dream i want food is good. we ate at digbats they have sweet potato fries. rock! magazines
Current Mood: feel like like pooping

24th August 2006

10:08am: bands
i'm sick of bands playing on weekdays. i can't see veruca salt cuz they are playing on a tues. and sonic youth/ flaming lips is on a thurs. lame. that would be superassfunn. oh well that stinky. i need to find something else on a weekend i don't even really have weekends off anymore. but maybe i can work something oot. lemme see. veruca is on oct. 3rd. that's almost my birthday cuz it's on the 10th and i'm totally awesome jprety much. get it!!!!!!

5th August 2006

1:31pm: boo!

1:21pm: fun
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